Thursday, November 11, 2010


What can I say about this year's Mid Ohio Con. It was a BLAST! Ever since the new owners have taken over, the Mid Ohio has taken on a new atmosphere and enthusiasm. I was quite surprised by how many people were walking through the convention doors to enjoy the two day show, or three, if you consider the pre-con party. I was asked to do a panel on pinup art with Dave Nester and Jay Fife. The panel itself was good. We all were just drawing upon our own experience in the field and the crowd appeared to be interested in what we were talking about. I've never done a panel before, but have no problem talking about what I do in front of a crowd. Over the years of going to shows, it has become easier and easier. I was quite busy as I was bombarded with commission requests. I think I did around 9-10 full sized pieces for the weekend, all in greyscale, except for a Deathbird sketchcard. All in all, it was a great weekend. I had current and former students stop by my table and they all seemed pretty excited about being at the show. I was glad that they showed up as there's nothing better than being at a show and getting a feel for what it is you want to get into for a career. It's the best thing ever. I'll be posting more later about the show, but for now i'll get to posting some pieces for now. Enjoy!

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