Monday, April 18, 2011

Pittsburgh Con aftermath :)

No, seriously, it may not have been the best Pittsburgh Con I've been a part of when it comes to attendance, but it's always great to meet the folks who do support the shows and fellow artists, like myself. One of the main reasons I attend shows is to see those good friends, whom you only get to see during the con season. But in any event, the con season has gotten really hectic the past few years with shows popping up all over the place and just trying to figure out which ones would be the best to show and sell yourself to the public. It's a constant battle (not necessarily life-threatening) but I find myself more now than ever, really making an effort to attend the best shows possible. Here are some pics from this weekend. Enjoy. I really enjoyed talking with the folks that stopped by this past weekend and really looking forward to my next show, which will be at the Minnesota Spring Con next month.


  1. Pretty sweet, top one is probably my favorite.

  2. Hey, thanks Salim! It's one of my favs from that weekend too! :) What have you been up to?