Monday, August 29, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con

Ok, so I know i'm about a week late for this post but it was well worth it. This year's Baltimore show was another great one! I unfortunately missed last year's show but I knew I had to make up for missing it. Again, it was almost a homecoming as i'm from the DC area. Nonetheless, it was great seeing old friends and making some new ones, which is always a treat. This show is an artists haven for those in the industry and it is very similar to that of Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. I highly recommend this show to any new artists looking to figure out what shows to go to. But other than that, I had the opportunity to hang out with some good friends on Saturday and Sunday nights after the show, which is always a pleasure. This show is so quick in nature that it's impossible to nearly see everything as an artist as you're busy the entire weekend. But you try and do what you can, so that's why you hang out after the show is over and figure out dinner plans with folks. Here is some of the artwork from that show that i did. Enjoy!

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