Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year and New Things

Hey all,
I hope every one has had a great holiday and enjoying this new year. I, for one am enjoying the time afforded me to create some good artwork. Have a few things in the fire to start the season, but first I wanted to mention my time at Lehigh Valley Comic Con. Now that the con season has settled down for now and gearing back up here shortly, I was very pleased and amazed at the turnout at Lehigh Valley Comic Con. Such great organizers with the show as I have to tip my hat off to them. They did a wonderful job in promotions to get the folks out on what was such a great weather weekend. Also wanted to mention that the folks that came by my table to have some pretty good conversations were awesome. What could be better than a bunch of folks getting together to talk about comics and having a good laugh. Well, that what I did. I truly appreciate you guys. And with another year of shows and appearances and freelancing work, I must say that it was a very productive and want to thank all those that have appreciated the work enough to come by and say hi and even pickup a commission or two and some art books. With that support, it definitely makes someone, like myself to work even harder in producing the best art that I can produce. Thank you all!

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