Thursday, October 20, 2011


Wizard World MId Ohio Con is once again upon us. It looks to be quite a different and bigger show this year as Wizard has taken over the reigns of this long running show. I look forward to this show every year because you get to hang out with some people and fellow artists that you admire. THis year is no different, as the guest list looks to be around 200 people. That's quite a bit. The weather looks to be good for this time of year, so bring it on, folks. As usual, i'll be there with some new prints and books and i'll also be there doing grayscale commissions at the show(ONe of my favorite things to do). So, if you're looking to be at the show, get on my sketch list early. I've got quite a bit to work on. Looks to be a great weekend! See you all there.

Also, I thought to show a WIP (work in progress) piece of the Xmen taking on the Avengers! It's a mashup of characters that I loved growing up reading. The size is 38x24 and will be colored after the inks are done. Will post when i'm finished. Enjoy.

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