Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sketchbooks Galore-Create Somethin' Cool

Well, I'm doing something this year that's a bit different for me. I have two variants of my yearly sketchbook. One is a softcover perfect bound version, 112 pages and the other is a 116 page Hardcover version. Now, what sets these two books apart is that the hardcover will be in a limited number that comes with an original sketch. The original sketch will be done in grayscale. Now, the sketch can be customized with a commission if you would like it to. Some will be done with already a sketch to purchase and others will be left blank for your commission. These books will be available in April on my website and at conventions. The softcover will be priced at $25 on the website at shows and the Hardcover Special Edition sketchbook will be $50 on my site and at shows. I love how these books came out and can't wait to share. Convention season is upon us :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A recent Catwoman commission that was long overdue, due to the fact that I am working on a series called FX to be published by IDW later this summer/early fall. But anyways, this piece is in color for the final, but I like to show the work in stages. Here's one of them for your viewing pleasure :)

had to delete last blog

Y'know, sometimes I just hate people. I swear. You just try to do some simple things online like keep people up to date on what it is you're doing and BAM! All of a sudden people just want to hijack your blog and get it redirected to some other place. Some people are just plain evil. So anyways, hope this one stays for a while. Will post new stuff shortly.
thanks for stopping by :)