Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Joker has told his last joke with Harley Quinn

Here's a piece that I got commissioned for from Cincinnati Comic Con. But because It was late in the day for the show, there's now way I could have gotten it finished in such a time. So I was able to finish it at home. The simple request was just this " I want Harley standing over the head of the Joker". I couldn't tell you how many ideas went thru my head for this piece. One of the pitfalls of this idea is to just do a Harley (literally standing over a head). This was not the approach that I wanted for this one. I had event started a few pieces that just didn't seem to vibe with the energy that I wanted for this. Hell, one that I even started to lay the markers down on. Will I ever finish those pieces at a later date? Maybe. But I love how this one came out. Has the energy and mood that I was looking for. I'm sure alot of people will think of this as a scene from the movie Se7en, but I beg to differ. I had to dig deep for this one as it was pertaining to two specific characters that carry certain personalities. Thankful for the challenge.