Friday, October 28, 2011

Xmen v. Avengers commission

Ok,now i've been quite busy lately. So, here's one of the many things i've been working on. It's a 38x24 piece done with pitt pens and brush. Eventually, it will get colored by myself, but for now, thought I'd post it up. More things to come.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WIzard MID OHIO CON art & revue

Once again, I believe the Mid Ohio has had it's strongest output yet. This show has been getting better and better the last 5 years. And now, with Wizard having taking over the reigns, I see this show at being a big success in the years to come and once again become a show where creators cannot wait to come to as the con circuit comes to its yearly end. I see good things happening. I, once again, thank Wizard and it's staff along with the Henry's for continuing a great tradition after 31yrs. Congrats! Now, on to the art. These are just some of the pieces I worked on during this past weekend. Will post more later, but for now, here they are.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Wizard World MId Ohio Con is once again upon us. It looks to be quite a different and bigger show this year as Wizard has taken over the reigns of this long running show. I look forward to this show every year because you get to hang out with some people and fellow artists that you admire. THis year is no different, as the guest list looks to be around 200 people. That's quite a bit. The weather looks to be good for this time of year, so bring it on, folks. As usual, i'll be there with some new prints and books and i'll also be there doing grayscale commissions at the show(ONe of my favorite things to do). So, if you're looking to be at the show, get on my sketch list early. I've got quite a bit to work on. Looks to be a great weekend! See you all there.

Also, I thought to show a WIP (work in progress) piece of the Xmen taking on the Avengers! It's a mashup of characters that I loved growing up reading. The size is 38x24 and will be colored after the inks are done. Will post when i'm finished. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've never been to Kokomo before, but that song (you know what it is) is in my head from time to time. So, at the last minute, I ask about space at the show and Shawn was happy to oblige. I had no idea what to expect from this show, but I heard good things about it last year with it being its first year. So, after the drive there and the moment I walked in the door, the staff and organizers were on their game. I mean, the staff I think were just as jazzed as I've ever seen at any particular show. What an amazing presentation this show presented to not only me, but to those who took time out to come visit and check out the scene. I have to say that alot of other big shows need to take a page at what these one day shows are doing. Kokomo Con took the cake for me. I truly appreciate all those that were working hard to put together a great show with attendance being way up from last year. They truly made me feel welcomed from the moment I walked in the door. And doing 6 pieces in an 8hour day is probably the fastest i've every produced for a one day show. Hell, I did 17 pieces at Comic Con this year over three days. So, that's how busy I was along with selling other merchandise such as sketchbooks, prints and sketch DVDs and just plain 'ol chatting it up with folks who found time to stop by. I appreciated everything about yesterday that I won't forget and most likely i'll be back for next year.
thanks and enjoy the art. I know I did :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drawing of the Week

This is something I've started and stopped over time. But this time, i plan to stay committed to the whole sketch a day theme or drawing of the week. As I do other things, gotta stop and do some things for yourself. This is a model friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous at this point. Enjoy. But anyways, I've got more to post down the road. This picture and others are for sale, just inquire with an email. I've got lots more to post to my main website as I update it periodically. Stay tuned for other news as well.