Monday, November 28, 2011

Lehigh Valley Comic Con, Dec. 3

UPDATE-The piece you see here will be the Door Prize for the lucky winner this weekend @Lehigh Valley Comic Con. So if you get a chance to stop by to the show, I'll be there with my work and sketchbooks. Enjoy.

It's been a while since my last post. Things have been busy here at Casa del Uko :). Just wanted to give a quick update here. Well, for one, I just received my invite to the SanDiego Comic Con again next year in artist alley. Two years in a row now. Woohoo! I"m definitely going to enjoy it next year. I had a blast with this years show and have things in the works for next year. Also, i'm working on a new project, which i'll talk about later as I get more involved with it. But the main thing is that I'll be at LEHIGH VALLEY COMIC CON this coming weekend, Dec. 3 in Allentown, Pa. I hardly ever do shows going into December, but I got an offer that I couldn't refuse from the folks at Lehigh. I've got a Black Cat in the works that will be going for door prize there, which I really like at this point. So I will report back on how the show went and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Xmen v. Avengers commission

Ok,now i've been quite busy lately. So, here's one of the many things i've been working on. It's a 38x24 piece done with pitt pens and brush. Eventually, it will get colored by myself, but for now, thought I'd post it up. More things to come.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WIzard MID OHIO CON art & revue

Once again, I believe the Mid Ohio has had it's strongest output yet. This show has been getting better and better the last 5 years. And now, with Wizard having taking over the reigns, I see this show at being a big success in the years to come and once again become a show where creators cannot wait to come to as the con circuit comes to its yearly end. I see good things happening. I, once again, thank Wizard and it's staff along with the Henry's for continuing a great tradition after 31yrs. Congrats! Now, on to the art. These are just some of the pieces I worked on during this past weekend. Will post more later, but for now, here they are.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Wizard World MId Ohio Con is once again upon us. It looks to be quite a different and bigger show this year as Wizard has taken over the reigns of this long running show. I look forward to this show every year because you get to hang out with some people and fellow artists that you admire. THis year is no different, as the guest list looks to be around 200 people. That's quite a bit. The weather looks to be good for this time of year, so bring it on, folks. As usual, i'll be there with some new prints and books and i'll also be there doing grayscale commissions at the show(ONe of my favorite things to do). So, if you're looking to be at the show, get on my sketch list early. I've got quite a bit to work on. Looks to be a great weekend! See you all there.

Also, I thought to show a WIP (work in progress) piece of the Xmen taking on the Avengers! It's a mashup of characters that I loved growing up reading. The size is 38x24 and will be colored after the inks are done. Will post when i'm finished. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've never been to Kokomo before, but that song (you know what it is) is in my head from time to time. So, at the last minute, I ask about space at the show and Shawn was happy to oblige. I had no idea what to expect from this show, but I heard good things about it last year with it being its first year. So, after the drive there and the moment I walked in the door, the staff and organizers were on their game. I mean, the staff I think were just as jazzed as I've ever seen at any particular show. What an amazing presentation this show presented to not only me, but to those who took time out to come visit and check out the scene. I have to say that alot of other big shows need to take a page at what these one day shows are doing. Kokomo Con took the cake for me. I truly appreciate all those that were working hard to put together a great show with attendance being way up from last year. They truly made me feel welcomed from the moment I walked in the door. And doing 6 pieces in an 8hour day is probably the fastest i've every produced for a one day show. Hell, I did 17 pieces at Comic Con this year over three days. So, that's how busy I was along with selling other merchandise such as sketchbooks, prints and sketch DVDs and just plain 'ol chatting it up with folks who found time to stop by. I appreciated everything about yesterday that I won't forget and most likely i'll be back for next year.
thanks and enjoy the art. I know I did :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drawing of the Week

This is something I've started and stopped over time. But this time, i plan to stay committed to the whole sketch a day theme or drawing of the week. As I do other things, gotta stop and do some things for yourself. This is a model friend of mine, who shall remain anonymous at this point. Enjoy. But anyways, I've got more to post down the road. This picture and others are for sale, just inquire with an email. I've got lots more to post to my main website as I update it periodically. Stay tuned for other news as well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, I don't know what my table number is yet, but i'll be there as a guest. If you're looking to get convention sketches, get on the list, it's filling up.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have to admit that I did not expect such a good turnout in Cincinnati. But I was optimistic because of the guest list and figured it would draw a crowd. It was such a good response to the 2nd year of this show and I could see it expanding to possibly two days and be successful, should they choose to. It's always good seeing folks that you don't see all the time, even creative talent that's here in Columbus. I think I see the more out of town than I do in it. But anyways, here are some of the pieces I did for the weekend. Also, met and talked with some great people who stopped by the table as I always enjoy that. Thanks!
HOpe you enjoy,

Friday, September 9, 2011


Okay, so next week will the the 2nd year for the Cincinnati Comic Expo. I missed last years' show unfortunately. But I am really looking forward to this show as I"ve never done a show in Cincy before, so this will be something new. And as usual, i'll be there selling my new sketchbooks for the year, along with my sketch DVDs and prints. Plus, i'll be doing commissions there as well in grayscale. So, if you're looking for a commission piece for pick up at the show next week, give me a holla. If not, I shall see you then.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con

Ok, so I know i'm about a week late for this post but it was well worth it. This year's Baltimore show was another great one! I unfortunately missed last year's show but I knew I had to make up for missing it. Again, it was almost a homecoming as i'm from the DC area. Nonetheless, it was great seeing old friends and making some new ones, which is always a treat. This show is an artists haven for those in the industry and it is very similar to that of Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. I highly recommend this show to any new artists looking to figure out what shows to go to. But other than that, I had the opportunity to hang out with some good friends on Saturday and Sunday nights after the show, which is always a pleasure. This show is so quick in nature that it's impossible to nearly see everything as an artist as you're busy the entire weekend. But you try and do what you can, so that's why you hang out after the show is over and figure out dinner plans with folks. Here is some of the artwork from that show that i did. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some ladies from Comic Con

Okay, in between some stuff, I thought to collage some photos of the ladies that were out at Comic Con. I didn't get to see quite all of them, but these are some that caught my eye :)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baltimore Comic Con, August 20-21

This here is another great show to attend. I unfortunately missed it last year because I was working the FX pages. Plus, it's a chance for me to go back home and not only see family but some good 'ol friends as well. For those attending, I have a commission list going for the show, show just email me about getting on the list. Hope to see you all there. Also, I've got more news coming soon and i'll be posting more photos from Comic Con.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Okay, so with it being my first time at Comic Con, I cannot express how exciting this show was. But first, I wanted to thank the great folks that I've met this past week at Comic Con. I wouldn't have had such a great show without you all whether you were buying or just coming over to have a conversation. It was all engaging and I appreciate you all. It made for a wonderful show and one that I won't forget. Also, I want to thank the folks over at Deviant Art for the sponsorship of Artist Alley. It's one of the best artist alley's i've been a part of. Not only with cushioned seats, but also with carpeted floors and two huge digital displays that showed the artists that were involved with artist alley. I think the displays had to be a good 10' in height that were hung from the ceiling. It was such a busy show that I could not even walk the entire show floor because I knew I had to get back to my table to finish up some con sketches. There were also some hotties in and out of costume, but I could not take pictures of them all, sadly :) but I think I took enough. Plus, it was my first trip out to San Diego and I did not want to leave with such beautiful weather and being around such creative people, made me wish the show was a few hours longer on Sunday. I also displayed two new sketchbooks for the year at the Con, that I will soon place on my website for purchase if you can't make it out to a show I'll be attending. But all in all, I can't wait to go back as I signed up again for next year before I left the convention. I'll post more art and photos later, but for now, here are tidbits from the weekend.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Derby City and SanDiego Comic Con in July

Well, here we go! I have two shows this month. After a weeklong class of helping graders 7-9 on what goes on in producing a comic and or graphic novel, I am now preparing myself for two shows a few days apart. ONe is the Derby City Con, located in Louisville, Ky. I'll be sitting next to friend and writer Wayne Osborne who created the FX series, the first by John Byrne and the second by myself. I grew up loving me some Byrne artwork, amongst others and I was more than happy to follow him. But anyways, this show in Louisville, the inaugural show looks to be quite a good one with a pretty good guest list. It's a one day show and I think just about everything is sold out for it. So, if you're in the area and looking for something to do, stop on by the show and say hello. Would love to see ya!. Now, the other show, for which I am sure needs no introduction is the San Diego Comic Con. This'll be my first in attendance at the show where i'll have a table. I'll be premiering two new sketchbooks along with some pre-con sketches for the week that I'm hoping the people in attendance will like. Will be posting some of the artwork for the two new sketchbooks later in the week, so stay tuned.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's the latest

Alrighty, I just want to update on what i'm doing thus far this summer. Currently, I just finished with Summit City Comic Con in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I want to thank Zack again for putting on such a well organized show. It is the 2nd year for Zack in putting together such a good one day show. It's always great to see fellow artists and friends and catch up with folks to see what everyone is doing. This is one of the great things about attending shows that I love the most. There were some great people also coming up to chat and talk shop about various art and entertainment news. But anyways, I am currently working on some two new sketchbooks, along with a few other things that I will premiere at SanDiego Comic Con, which I am very excited about. It'll be my first time there and for some reason I keep thinking that I won't be prepared, but I know I will be as i've been doing this for a good dozen years in preparing for shows. So, with that in mind, I know i'll be ok. But soon, I'll be having the two new sketchbooks up for pre-order prior to Comic Con. Also, I'll be attending another new one day show in Louisville, Ky. called Derby City Comic Con, July 16There is a good guest list as I'll be a part of a panel on self publishing. It looks to be a good show and if you've got the time, come on down :). Also, I don't normally give movie reviews, but, I just saw Green Lantern and I just thought it was "ok" and I'll leave it at that. I'd rather leave reviews to those who are probably more qualified and with a fanbase on movie reviews. Have a great Father's Day to the dad's out there.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Summit City Con, June 18

For another exciting weekend, I'll be at Summit City Con this weekend in Ft. Wayne Indiana. I went for the first time last year and had a wonderful time and am looking forward to another great show. Great organizers and who knew how much Ft. Wayne was looking for another good comic book show. There will be some good artists/ friends in attendance , so I hope you'll give yoursel fan opportunity to make your way out to Ft.Wayne, Indiana.
See you there,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NORTH COAST COMIC CON, Akron Ohio, June 12

Okay, so this weekend i'm off to another one day show in Akron. This is a new show with some great guests and some I can say are friends of mine. So, let's get some people out to this show and have some fun for a Sunday afternoon. I'll be doing some con sketches, with sketchbooks and prints in tow. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post Spring Con

All I can say is that I'm glad I have attended the Spring Con for the 2nd year in a row. The organizers have put on a fabulous show and I am so proud to be a part of it. Eventhough it's only a 2 day show, it could easily be a 3 day show. The shows volunteers were an excellent help throughout as well. One of the best things I do like about this particular show is that it's put on by comic book store owners and you see the sincerity in that. But all in all, i've been able to meet some great original art collectors of my work there and just in general some great people to talk to and I look forward to going back. I am even thinking about their one day show, called Fall Con, later in the year.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Minnesota Spring Con is back, May 21-22

I went to this show for the first time last year based on its reputation from really good friends. And I was not disappointed at all! This is why i'm coming back for a second time. I love to see my friends there and the show itself, was great! I am really looking forward to this show and hopefully expect to see one of my favorite musicians, Prince, possibly roaming around in the area. Last year, I took some shots of the First Avenue music venue that was featured in Purple Rain and I got all giddy. :) So, I hope to see some of you all from last year and some new ones to help make this another great show!
Check out the shows EVENTS here!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Here is an interview that is posted on the Sigmate Studio site. It's a great site with interviews and art from artists from all over. Check it out HERE

Pittsburgh Con aftermath :)

No, seriously, it may not have been the best Pittsburgh Con I've been a part of when it comes to attendance, but it's always great to meet the folks who do support the shows and fellow artists, like myself. One of the main reasons I attend shows is to see those good friends, whom you only get to see during the con season. But in any event, the con season has gotten really hectic the past few years with shows popping up all over the place and just trying to figure out which ones would be the best to show and sell yourself to the public. It's a constant battle (not necessarily life-threatening) but I find myself more now than ever, really making an effort to attend the best shows possible. Here are some pics from this weekend. Enjoy. I really enjoyed talking with the folks that stopped by this past weekend and really looking forward to my next show, which will be at the Minnesota Spring Con next month.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pittsburgh Comic Con! April 15-17

Ok, so I haven't been to the Pittsburgh Con since '08. I have attended it the previous 5yrs. and have had a wonderful time. Renee is always gracious and ofcourse, it's always good to see good friends. I'm not sure of my table number, but i'll be there set up in Artist Alley with some new prints, along with some copies of FX The Lost Land. I'll also be doing commissions at the show. I'm really looking forward to going back to Pittsburgh. So, stop by if you've got the time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post c2e2

What can I say, I had a great time at C2E2 this year! First I wanted to thank those folks that stopped by to either say hi or to pick up some goodies at my table. I totally appreciate you all in doing so, it makes the trip very worthwhile and am looking forward to the next trip to the Windy City. But anyways, I wanted to post some of the con sketches I did over the weekend for you to view. Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

C2E2 Bound!

Only a week away and I'm hashing away at getting things ready. I'll be at Artist Alley table # D2. I'm really looking forward to this show and seeing some great friends!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Derby City Con Spotlight...

JULY 16, 2011
The Derby City Spotlight returns to shine on Derby City Comic Con 2011 Guest Uko Smith!
What projects are you currently working on?
Well, one I can’t mention at the moment is with a legendary pro in the field. There is a project in the future with Blue Line Pro and Bob Hickey. There are a few personal projects that I’m working on, one is called E.C.O. (Ecological Onslaught) and Salem Erotica. Other than that, I’m just working with various freelance projects and teaching comic book illustration @Columbus College of Art & Design.

What was your first professional comic book work?
Oh, wow! There were a few but I can’t quite remember the timeline just right. What I do remember is doing a few pinups for Rick Buckler Jr., on a character called the Golden Warrior. It was that and again, doing pinup for CB Cebulski, when he worked at CPM Manga.

Which project are you the most proud of? Well, currently, I would say the release of FX: The Lost Land thru IDW. But there are so many to mention. I guess the other project I would honorably mention was the series called Visions of Erotica, which was a series of portfolios of sexy women, that I would say, put me on the map, years ago.

Is there a project or title that have you not worked on, but would love to take on?
Yes, Wonder Woman and or Catwoman!

Who are some other creators that you really admire?
There’s quite a few, but the one’s that I truly admire and not all are comic creators. To start, John Byrne, Larry Stroman, Michelangelo, Frazetta, Sorayama, Mucha, Nagel , George Bridgeman, Vargas

Outside of comic books, are there any other creative projects that you are involved with?
Yes. One is the launch of a new Sketch Video Series of how I work. Right now, the first video is that of a character called Minx, who is a character out of the pages of the graphic novel I illustrated with creator and writer, Wayne Osborne, called FX: The Lost Land. There are other subjects that are in the works to be later released throughout the year and beyond.